Transform your event venue with uplighting!  Uplighting is a lighting design technique that enhances the atmosphere of an event facility and creates an ambiance unique to your event.   Not only can it add color and depth to an otherwise boring wall or column, it also adds energy and vibrancy to your photos!  Our Ultra-bright, low heat, LED uplights can make any color of light in the spectrum to coordinate and enhance the colors of your event.  With the use of DMX programming, they can also be run in various color changing modes or sound activated modes with the touch of a button!

Monogram Lighting

Monogram GOBO projection image can be added to personalize your elegant modern event even more.  The image usually contains names, initials, a logo or a message and can be projected onto the dance floor or other surface at your wedding, party or special event.  We have many styles and formats to choose from to create your own custom monogram, or you can even send us your own design or image!

Pin Spot Lighting

A spotlight on your wedding cake is the best way to show off and feature the edible artwork created specifically for your wedding. Your cake is a significant investment, it’s a really good idea to make sure that your guests are able to enjoy this edible piece of artwork throughout the entire evening.​  Our spotlights are wireless, remote controlled, and can be mounted virtually anywhere.  Spotlights can also be used to highlight other things around the room, such as flower arrangements.